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Our Holiday Koala Tee was made with one purpose in mind – to support the protection, rescue and rehabilitation of our local koala population. As a little girl I was obsessed with koalas. I had koalas on my clothing and wall hangings adorning my bedroom. There is something so incredible about the koala, how it is a real animal at all still amazes me. However our koalas have been for some time under threat. And with the increased urbanisation of our area and bursting highways and roads, the threat is growing. Recent bushfires has seen the Australian koala population as a whole be decimated. We made our print with the intention to donate a percentage of each t-shirt purchase toward Koala rescue QLD. A local and passionate team based in Moffat Beach. 

Koala Rescue Queensland is a not-for profit 24 hour rescue service for sick, injured and orphaned koalas throughout Queensland. Based in the Sunshine Coast, they receive calls from far and wide. The team also provide transfers from vets, hospitals, carers and other rescue services to wildlife hospitals. They go above and beyond with no time frame or travel boundaries, servicing the entire Queensland area as best as they can.

Not only do they rescue and rehabilitate koalas, they also provide awareness programs with schools and communities. Working to increase awareness about habitat protection and the risks associated with the decline in koala numbers from dog attacks, road trauma and diseases. They also regularly plant new koala food trees in Queensland to promote future habitat for our koalas.

From each t-shirt sold we will donate 10% to this organisation. Not 10% of the “profit”. 10% of the RRP price. That is $12.90 each and every sale. We have only produced this tee in limited numbers. And we hope you love it as much as we do. Thank you for supporting Australian made, and thank you for supporting koalas.

Please check out the amazing work that Koala Rescue Queensland do here.

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  • I love koalas too! Good work granite rays!


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