How Granite Rays tees are made

We live in an amazing time. A time where we have access to a world of information. In fact, we are so accustomed to being able to source whatever information we need from a quick google search on our phones that when we do not have transparency it leaves us skeptical.

We are all aware now of the issues arising from fast fashion. The cheap clothing that is so accessible, well everywhere! The cheap garment is a burden to our environment and it enslaves vulnerable workers.

We seek in life TRANSPARENCY. When creating Granite Rays we could not sit with our label not being 100% transparent. That is why we are:

Made in Australia

This was so important to us. We have an incredible fashion industry right here in Australia. By purchasing Australian made you are supporting local workers who are paid fairly. You are also reducing the emissions and waste from international shipping by buying locally made!

Made in certified ethical manufacturers 100% sweat shop free

Our manufacturer is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. They are paid award wages, and work in clean, legally compliant factories in Sydney, Australia.

Made with 100% organic cotton which is also made in Australia

Our cotton is 100% organic. Our manufacturer is also organic compliant. The cotton is grown organically in India, and is loomed right here in Australia. We made the choice for the highest quality cotton whilst remaining affordable.

Printed using water based inks

Our printing uses a water based ink for best practice.

Sent in Biodegradable bags

When garments are sent from the manufacturer to our warehouse, they are pressed and bagged into biodegradable bags. Kinder to the environment and no plastic waste is used.

Wrapped for you in recycled brown tissue paper with a paper sticker that is locally printed in small batches to reduce wastage

We have done our best to provide the most ecologically sustainable wrapping whilst still being pretty!

I made your clothes Australian Made Granite Rays Fashion Transparency

We can all make conscious choices. For ourselves, for others without a voice, and for our environment. Thank you for choosing Granite Rays