A day in Noosa with .. Saya from Saya Skincare

Saya and team in granite rays t-shirts at Saya Skincare HQ in Noosa QLD Australia

We caught up with the lovely Saya from her namesake Noosa brand Saya Skincare recently to chat about all things she loves here in Noosa. 

Big congratulations as shortly after she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! Read on for all things Noosa, skincare, great food and drinks.

A bit of background for everyone following along at home: Saya Skincare is an all natural, all Australian made, organic skincare brand that is a favourite of Granite Rays. Noosa local Saya McDermott has been formulating, researching and training in natural skincare since the age of 17. Suffering through years of eczema and breakouts, Saya tried hundreds of products but couldn’t find skincare that would deliver the results she needed. It wasn’t until she started making her own natural products, she finally saw relief.

Ok Saya, it is the perfect Noosa day, how do you like to start?
 “As someone who lives and breathes skincare, I start my day with my skin. I’m all about keeping skincare really simple, so I usually cleanse with my Foaming Cleanser, followed by a quick, refreshing mist of Rose Water Toning Mist and then give my skin hydration through my Balance Moisture.
Three simple steps to keep my skin happy and then I am ready to go for a long walk in the Noosa National Park, followed by a swim at Main Beach.
I’d then follow this with breakfast and coffee at Café La Monde.”

It’s a long weekend and you’re heading to lunch with your girlfriends, where would we find you?
“Most likely at Bistro C. It’s my go-to for any occasion.” 

What is your top “sunset hour” pick in Noosa?
“Can I say Bistro C again? 😂
 But also, along the river gives you the best Noosa Sunset out there. The colours are amazing."

I am sure you have a few dinner favourites – who what where and why?
“I love the Sum Yung Guys at Sunshine Beach. Their Sweet Potato Curry and their Roti are one of the best dishes I have ever eaten.
I also love Tuk Tuk on Gympie Terrace. My favourite is their Green Curry
I wouldn’t say no either to fish and chips from the Noosa Boat House. Grabbing some of their takeaway and eating along the river is a must.”

What is something that is underrated in Noosa?
 “I think Gympie Terrace is heavily underrated. Most people focus on Hastings St, but there is amazing places and good times to be had along the river.
 I also love the Dog Beach at Noosa Woods (at the end of Hastings St). The water is so clear and such an awesome place to spend with your furry friends."

Name your coffee and favourite barista hit:
 “I love Clandestino.
 At the moment because I am pregnant, I’ve being having a cappuccino decaf with almond milk. But if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be having a long black.
 I also love Café La Monde. Luke the barista there is amazing.”

We are constantly in the salt water as Noosa locals. What's your tips to keeping your skin in check in summer?
“Hydration is important for your skin if you are in the water a lot, like I am.
So, I tend to give my skin extra love by mixing 6 drops of my Argan Face Oil in with my daily moisturiser (Balance Moisture).
I’ll also be sure to hydrate throughout the day with my Rose Toning Mist – it gives you instant hydration and is so refreshing to use during hot days at the beach.
I don’t forget about the skin on the rest of my body either. After beach days, I’ll exfoliate using my Coconut Body Scrub and then lather my body in Rich Body Cream. It’s naturally fragranced with coconut so it makes me smell like a tropical holiday which is fitting for our Noosa lifestyle.”

Granite Rays is passionate about all things Australian, and love the use of Australian Native Botanicals in your skincare! Can you tell us more?
 “In Noosa we are pretty lucky to have an outdoor lifestyle, surrounded by nature.
 So, I have always been inspired by our beautiful environment and it was only natural that was at the core of my skincare brand, which is purely plant-based and Certified Organic.
 I fell in love with Australian Native Botanicals like our Signature Blend of Kakadu Plum, Crown of Gold and Illawarra Flame Tree after I had skin issues of my own growing up and nothing was helping. It wasn’t until I started making my own natural products, that I saw relief.
I love that we have these amazing plants in our own country that are so nourishing, hydrating and balancing to our skin. They are so effective in helping the skin heal, for anti-aging, for treating so many skin concerns. And they are so sought after all over the world. It just gets me so excited about what we can do and I’m always trying to innovate my range.”


Thank you to Saya and her gorgeous team

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