How to care for your Australian Made T-shirt

Congratulations - you have made a conscious decision to support Australian made, organic and ethically produced fashion! Thank you! Now that you've made the investment let's make sure you take care of your baby so it loves you back. Just like any good relationship, the more care you put in, the more you will get out. 

We recommend:

Wash your garment in a wash bag

This is our NUMBER ONE TIP. After years of working in the Australian Designer fashion industry we can 100% vouch for the usefulness of wash bags. Because no-one has time to handwash! Pop your tee inside out and into a quality wash bag to prevent it from stretching out of shape or getting snags and small holes from other garments whizzing around in your washing machine. We recommend these.

Cold water wash

Not only is this better for the environment (reduced energy usage = lower carbon emissions), it is definitely gentler on your clothing.

Gentle laundry liquid

Heavy detergents are not necessary on our beautiful quality cotton. Gentle laundry liquid is also better for grey water waste which ends up in our waterways!

Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning is actually horrendous on your clothing. It also utilises a bunch of nasty chemicals that aren't good for anyone. 

Tumble dryers suck!

They suck energy but they also suck the life out of clothes. Use our beautiful sun, warmth and wind instead.

Line dry in shade

Full sun exposure will effect the T-shirt print so please pop in the shade or out of direct Australian summer sun. We like to dry our shirts (and any quality garment) inside out and carefully hung on a coat hanger. Make sure shoulder seams are lined up with the coat hanger arms for best results, and rolled sleeves are flat.

Be thoughtful with your iron

Please avoid any prints with your iron. And go easy! Treat your Granite Rays tee with love and it will love you right back xx