The Promised Land ... all the secrets

Never Never Creek the Promised Land Bellingen NSW Sparkly creek with trees in the background

Have you been to Bellingen in NSW? Affectionately known as Bello, a hidden gem that is favoured by those seeking a slower pace and fresh air, with out the crowds or the "scene". Frequented by the creatives, the famous and those who love the feel of a country town with all of the benefits of the best coffee and cafes going. It is a hard thing to find these days, a town with authenticity. A community that is thriving, and numbers only 3000 or so. Then add the location: The Bellinger Valley is nestled between World Heritage listed National parks, mountains, pristine rivers, vacant beaches, valleys and waterfalls. Green pastures as far as the mountains will allow. And mountain views as far as the eye can see. Bellingen rests under a mountain known as "Old Man Dreaming". The silhouette of an Aboriginal elder watches over the land.

And a short drive out of town delivers you into the Promised Land. Here you can bathe in pristine, crystal clear creeks and swimming holes. Bordered by dairy farms and towering tree lined lanes. Venture through well worn tracks down to the waters edge and be transported to another time. It is impossible not to feel the magic.

Over the coming weeks we will share with you all of the local knowledge ... in the meantime if you'd like to know where to get to the best swimming holes read on

To get there:

Head over the ridge from the Bellingen township toward Gleniffer. Follow the winding road until you come tot he cross intersection with the sweetest little church and community hall you ever did see. The loop road here is called Promised Land Road (hard to forget), If you turn right at the church and look out for the cars you'll find two amazing swimming holes. If you continue straight over the bridge when you see the church, just past this is Keough's Reserve and another easy access to the creek. This area is great for kids.

Once you've been it will always call you back ... who can say no to Never Never creek?

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The church