Granite Rays was created in 2019 by Callie Griffiths. The brand was inspired by a morning at Little Cove with her husband and little baby.

Noosa holds such a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll through, the idea for travel inspired luxury t-shirts was born. A way to represent who we are, where we are from and where we love to visit. Capturing that piece of our hearts for everyday use.

With a background in the fashion industry, the journey to create the best t-shirt began. It was important that the brand be transparent, Australian made, and of high quality whilst doing the best for the environment. In August 2019 the first collection was launched, celebrating that special day in Little Cove.

We hope you love Granite Rays as much as we have loved creating it xx




Each and every component of a Granite Rays t-shirt is made right here. We value Australian jobs, Australian quality, and are passionate about an onshore manufacturing process. It keeps jobs here in Australia, and means we have a short supply chain which ensures we are face to face with each step of the manufacturing process. You can buy your Granite Rays t-shirt in confidence and wear with pride.



Our fabric is 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON that means it is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.  Our cotton is milled right here in Australia in an industry powerhouse in Melbourne. It is a heavier weight, 150gsm to be precise. You can feel the quality. It is tried and tested and up for many many wash cycles. It holds its shape, is naturally breathable and sits beautifully on.



Our t-shirts are proudly made right here in Brisbane Queensland, Australia. Each shirt is cut and sewn by an expert team. As a QLD based business, we feel it is important to keep the whole circle of manufacturing as tight as possible. Working face to face with our makers ensures each and every stitch is a quality one. They ship our t-shirts to us 100% plastic free.



Our printed t-shirts are hand screened by local Sunshine Coast legends. They use water based inks and their practices are environmentally conscious. Their print quality is also to the highest industry standards. We love doing business with our print makers.



Our embroidery is all done right here on the Sunshine Coast. A small, family operated business takes our precious tees out of our hands and straight to their machines were the expertly stitch our designs.



All of our garment and swing tags are also 100% Australian made by a family operated business in Sydney, Australia. We have been working with this business for some time and their attention to detail is second to none.



We choose not to bag our t-shirts in plastic. Our whole process is now plastic free. We store our t-shirts pressed and folded in reusable boxes, and wrap in recycled tissue paper to your door. We are working on providing compostable mailers so watch this space.



Have you ever thought about how many countries your item of clothing has criss-crossed before it comes to you? It is probably not something that everyone thinks about, but the average mass produced garment has traversed 5 countries before becoming a single t-shirt.

We can do better. Keeping everything local and onshore reduces the carbon mileage. We are proudly a small part of the new surge to resurrect Australian manufacturing. Our cotton is knitted/milled in Melbourne, garments are then cut and sewn in Brisbane, and printed or embroidered on the Sunshine Coast, where we are based here in NOOSA.